Digital TEDxOslo - Corona Special

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Where are we now and what awaits us on the on the 'other side' of this crisis

The first ever digital TEDx conference took place on 27. March 2020. The attendance was free and open to everyone via Zoom

With this conference TEDxOslo aimed to shed light on different topics related to the corona pandemic, aspects and angles that we felt was missing in the day-to-day media coverage. The interest and attendance within Norway and abroad was huge and the this TEDx conference with its new format was an overall success.

Among the topics of the conference were the following:

Politics in a post-pandemic world - will corona change the political world order as we know it?

Why going through this crisis will change the way we view childhood

Love in the time of corona – impact on our sexual behavior and why masturbation is important

Health sector and future outbreaks – lessons learned so far

The danger of social inequality to businesses, authorities and society

Music - artists finding new ways to reach out to their audience

Can AI and robots help us through the corona crisis?

Preparedness - why both businesses and private citizens need to plan for different scenarios

How social distancing is impacting our relationships and how we communicate

Happiness and emotional grit – stay strong and creative through challenging times

Thank you to our speakers for their contributions:
Iver D. Neumann, Karl Ove Moene, Nassima Dzair, Einar Øverenget, Jim Tørresen, Kathrine Aspaas, Kjerstin Owren, Maria Røsok, Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen, Christer Mjåset, Håkon Kornstad, Kyrre Texnæs, Rick Wheatley, Silvija Seres, Sven Mollekleiv, Peter Baden

A big thank-you also to our partners Zoom Video Communications, Holi and Stiftelsen Fritt Ord for making this conference happen at such short notice!

Did you miss it? Click here to watch it now!